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HD video & lossless audio with ultra-low latency!
*For lowest latency, use Ethernet with Fiber Internet and a fast audio interface with wired headphones.
JackTrip Makes Headlines
Please don't stop the music: how choirs are singing through the pandemic | The Guardian
The Jazz Pianist Using a Computer Program to Play with Other Musicians in Quarantine | The New Yorker
Real-time virtual jamming, rehearsal and performance could now be possible with JackTrip | Music Radar
Now Able to Sync Up | ABC News
Introducing JackTrip
Unlocking New Musical Possibilities
Connect with other musicians like never before. This cutting-edge technology allows you to perform together live over home internet connections with studio-quality, low-latency audio and patented mixing and processing tools. Say goodbye to the hassle of having to meet in person and take your music-making to the next level from the comfort of your own home.
JackTrip Musicians
Hear the Difference
Product comparison between JackTrip, Zoom, and Google Meets
*Measurements are based on the distance between San Francisco and Portland. Everyone's experience will vary based upon your location, audio hardware and connection to the Internet. Learn more about how these can impact your latency, or click here for more detailed test results.
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Low Latency
JackTrip ultra low latency solution beats traditional communication by miles! With latencies under 25 ms, it feels like your band members are in the same room with you, even if you're hundreds of miles apart.
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High Quality Audio
JackTrip users experience the highest resolution full duplex audio their computer/device can support (44.1kHz through 96kH). Simply put, rehearsing and performing in JackTrip feels and sounds like you are in the recording studio.
Ease of Use
JackTrip meets musicians wherever their gear finds them. Our desktop app allows you to connect to your favorite interface or microphone, or you can simply connect using your browser and embedded microphone and camera.
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Audio and Video
Low latency, high definition video adds to the most authentic collaborative experience available online.
Easy Livestreaming and Recording
JackTrip's one-click livestreaming and recording features allow every creator to share their work without needing additional hardware or software.
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JackTrip uses free software to connect to the virtual studio and does not require users to purchase additional hardware at any point. The free tier is perfect for a number of uses, and the paid tier allows the entire group to enjoy premium features on a single paid subscription.
We make it easy to perform
together online
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Teach Music Online
  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Customize your studio
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Rehearse Remotely
  • Choirs, bands, and orchestras
  • Virtual rehearsal venue
  • Hybrid online/in-person
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Create & Collaborate
  • Songwriting sessions
  • Remote recording
  • Live streaming HD audio
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Jam From Home
  • Play more
  • Find other musicians
  • Customize your studio
What Musicians are saying
I know that when I go to bed at night and I'm closing my eyes, in my mind we will have all been in the same room.
Eric Whitacre
Eric Whitacre
An absolutely amazing development in audio technology, from a rehearsal and collaboration standpoint. To be able to have credible sessions with musicians as far as 500 miles away is awesome!
Larry Dunn
Larry Dunn
Earth, Wind & Fire
It sounds like we're playing in two booths of the same studio.
Christian McBride
Christian McBride
Host & Bassist
Jazz Night in America
JackTrip brings our champion chorus back into sync after zooming latency made a cappella close harmony impossible. We are now ringing chords with 70+ singers across Southern California and see exciting virtual possibilities as we return to in person rehearsals.
Craig Hughes
Craig Hughes
Executive Vice President
Masters of Harmony
Working with JackTrip Virtual Studio has been life-changing for us. JackTrip is part of this technological evolution that will change how we rehearse and teach, create musical projects, and add unlimited opportunities for the live performance world.
Valérie Saint-Agathe
Valérie Saint-Agathe
Artistic Director
San Francisco Girls Choir
When the boys made that first sound, their faces lit up. To see them respond to their buddies also making music in time, it's phenomenal. It really is inspiring.
Kent Jue
Kent Jue
Artistic Executive Director
JackTrip has been nothing short of providential in allowing us to advance our mission during these challenging times, keeping our young artists safely and enthusiastically engaged in joyful song! We are profoundly thankful for JackTrip.
Lori Loftus
Lori Loftus
Founding Director
Southern California Children's Chorus
The fact that no one has to get in a car and drive through (often bad) traffic to get to rehearsal, that all you have to do is sit down in front of your computer, means that we can rehearse much more often and everyone looks forward to it.
Brian Walker
Brian Walker
Engineer and Musician
An absolutely amazing development in audio technology, from a rehearsal and collaboration standpoint. To be able to have credible sessions with musicians as far as 500 miles away is awesome!
Teja Gerken
Teja Gerken
Fingerstyle Guitar Duet